3 Things you don’t reveal to your Personal Trainer (but you should!)

With the New Year just a month away, you might have plans to shed that unwanted fat and get slim for good. Signing up with a well reputed personal trainer at a weight loss center can work wonders and help you meet your goals by being accountable and adopt new tools to push your fitness standards to the next level.

When you sign up for personal training sessions you’ll fill out complete details on a form that consists of your medical history and what you really expect from the time you spend. If you skip out some crucial information just because you think its not critical (such as health condition) could lead to an injury and may hinder your overall workout sessions and results in the end. Here are few important things you need to tell your personal trainer before you hit the floor and burn out those extra calories.

#1. “I’m not seeing any visible results and I’m frustrated”: They say motivation is crucial and one thing that could really put you down is the lack of visible/tangible results. May be its just two weeks or one month, but you don’t see any significant changes in the way you look. Are your expectations higher and are they reasonable? Sharing this frustration with your personal trainer can help you spot and solve the problem quickly. Your trainer could also help you carefully plan and track your daily calorie intake or even ask you to account for a workout beyond your regular sessions to see tangible results.

#2. “I can’t manage to do this for long”: Personal training workout can be a luxury program for most people. So if you’ve set aside certain amount of money, make sure to reveal it to your trainer so your sessions can be planned accordingly. Finances shouldn’t be a barrier, as a plan can be developed according to your budget and still reach your goals by starting with a basic workout session.

#3. I require you to push me hard or less”: Let’s get straight; you need to see that your workout is right on money. Your trainer needs to either push you to the next level or tell why a certain program is proceeding in a specific way, which could be a safe way to effectively reach your goals. Moreover, everyone responds to a similar session in a different way. If you feel that your workout is too simple and easy, then tell it to your trainer or if you are uncomfortable with a particular approach then do say something about it. This way, you can always keep a candid dialogue with your trainer to get the best results you so much require.