3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Begin your Weight Loss Resolution

Hi Evan Raoof here…

Have you committed a to a Fresh start or a  resolution for a new you?

I want to help you  stay committed far beyond all the other people who give up within the first 14 days of a News Years resolution or a fresh start . I want  you to be the last person standing ready  for the next level within 90 days . Will you be one of the eight percent  that will be ready ?

I see so many people struggling with the big C word –Commitment, when it comes to establishing a new life style and achieving long term success.

To help you stay the course and conquer your commitment to be healthy and fit I want to share with you the 3 questions you must ask yourself before you start a fitness program , begin a weight loss journey or hire a personal   trainer.

The Questions are so important I have made 3 short videos for you to take the time to answer. I have also given you access to a cheat sheet so that you can write them down.

I believe you have to take the time and answer these questions if you have any chance of achieving long term fitness and health success and satisfaction.

Hey we know that exercise is good for you at any age I can site many studies and you can watch Dr. OZ   or other gurus if you do not already know that exercise will help you be stronger, fight diabetes, heart disease ,help manage stress and of course fight the fat.

So what is it going to take for you to establish healthy habits ?You are aware establishing healthy habits  can save your life?I understand simple does not equate to easy, If it was easy everyone would be doing it.But you can do this !So Why do you really want to live?

To be the best you can be you will have to look at your life differently. If you want to be better. You should be open to be coach-able and teachable . To be at your best you need to be training, eat right and get plenty of sleep to keep your concentration up.I believe the  primary benefit healthy and fit  is more energy and vitality With energy and vitality it makes all the other benefits of exercise and nutrition possible .

I want to give you some suggestions   but it is important that you  come up with your own reasons .

“I want to keep up with my kids or grandchildren?”

It is a joy to have your children don’t let them wear you out. Be strong physically goes along way  with that vitality and energy.  You will be more focused and attentive.

“I want to be a role model for my children”

Enough said here  if you are showing off your bad habits your kids will be just like you for sure .

“ I want to be more productive at work “

Hey if  you own a business   you want to be more efficient and profitable. Setting an example for your employees  can mean a more profitable and healthy business,  giving you more time with family .If you have any doubts Go to a  top 10 list for entrepreneurs or business owners , Exercise and nutrition is sure to be listed.

Dig deep a I want to lose 50 pounds  in 5 days just  is not  going to cut it ….  Take a few minutes and answer  the following 2 questions

Question #1 

 Why do I need to   embrace the daily habit of exercise,nutrition and a  healthy lifestyle ?

Take a few minutes and write the answer that is right for you .Close your eyes and see and feel what your life will be like in 6 or 12 months.How does it impact you, your family, and your business?Take 2 minutes and do it now.When you are done you are ready for question # 2.

 Question #2

 What is the one reason that has kept me from getting a healthy body?

I will make this easy for you which one of the following with my years of experience these are the top 3 reasons I hear or sense when I work with clients

  • Fear of not knowing what to do
  • Fear of getting hurt
  • Don’t make the time.
  • I already have health concerns or injuries  I can’t exercise .

The key is to understand what is really holding you back so that you can address it. If we can recognize the problem   we will know where to start  and the intensity in which to plan your workouts .

Ideally you want to carve out 5-7 hours per week … no worries with a plan and a schedule you can make the time.

Hey if you don’t rush through the question “Why I need to exercise   you will make the time.

Take a moment and write down your answer when you are done you are ready for question # 3

Question # 3

 Where am I going to get help and support.

  • Go to the internet or store and buy a book
  • Ask a friend to help me
  • Join a Boot camp or group
  • Hire a personal Trainer to get the knowledge

Now that you have answered   these 3 questions   This is the bonus question   that will   really help you stay focused.  Lets close your eyes   and  visualize  What your life will be like in 6 months to 1 year

Stop the video here and answer it now!

Now you are  ready to answer this question

What will my life look like in 6 months or 1 year because I have embraced the daily habit of exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle ?

You know you can do this …it just takes a little bit of self-discovery to help you  uncover your true potential. A professional fitness trainer  can help you get  the knowledge and results  you deserve. Hey it is a simple process   but you will need to sit down and dig deep and really ask these questions of you self .. If you do not  you will not   be successful in any  fitness program for the long hall.

I may be biased but the best way for you get results is to hire a personal trainer  that is aligned with your goals and  can inspire and motivate you . The truth is as  a personal trainer we must really know the answer to the 3 questions .. as we work with you and we  will ask   you ..

The more clarity you have and preparation will allow you to choose the right fitness, weight loss  program and choose  the right Personal  trainer to help you.

I have put together  a mini Fitness Goal sheet that can help you clarify these questions  for you .

I have also hooked you up with some good resources for you to Grab on my facebook. page . I have  the link below

My wish for you is for you to realize your full potential and support your Training for your best performance!

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