TLS Weight Loss

Finally the last Weight loss program that you will ever need to drop 10 20 or over 50 pounds.            


  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is it time for a revolution and for    you to resolve to get the body you deserve?

 TLS class

TLS Weight Loss Solution is a customizable  fat loss program based on science and education customizable to  you and your level of readiness.

It begins with you :

Learn to target fat loss, not muscle.  Improve your metabolism using TLS Weight loss solution .  There are no required meal replacements, no calorie restrictions – just healthy eating with real food.

TLS weight loss solution will help with more than weight.

You’ll learn many valuable tools for better health for life!

Watch the TLS Weight Loss Solution overview  here

 4 week , 6 week and 12 Week classes customized for you . Weekday  evenings and lunch time classes available.

Class size minimum 5 with maximum of 10.

For more information contact  Evan Raoof

Classes currently being held in Canton, Ann Arbor,Dearborn,Southfield, Farmington Hills and Stertling Heights Michigan

On-line Service if You Can’t Make it to Our Classes:

  • Weekly phone and email communication with Evan to guide you on your TLS® weight loss Solution journey.
  • Feedback and guidance on food choices, and exercise.
  • Personalized program option based on your goals and commitment level.
  • Interactive meal and exercise planning and tracking.
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes and quick meal options.
  • Articles and Tips to keep you on track.
  • Alerts and reminders to ensure your success on the program.
  • Access to a complete, comprehensive weight loss community with support groups

Group Training and Personal Coaching.

For TLS Weight loss clients who want in  personal attention with exercise and fitness your own personal trainer will create fun and exciting workouts for you and customize   an exercise routine. You will be provided with an action plan    journal  to track your workouts and be monitored and coached in person and online.

Daily Journal and User Guide.
Studies show that when you journal and share it with a coach or group you will be 50% more successful in your lifestyle change than if you did it alone. Your journal is loaded with sample nutrition meal plans, acceptable foods list, stress reduction techniques and positive affirmations to keep you on track. Your personal user guide has a complete 90 day lesson plan with all the resources you need to reach your goals and make a true lifestyle change. The journal also includes recipes, tips to keep your on track, stress reduction techniques and answers to frequently asked questions.

Website Support
The interactive website provides a wealth of information. For example you can create custom exercise routines, an interactive menu planner and shopping lists, ask the expert sections, weekly newsletters, and makes it easy to track your weight loss progress.

Clinically Proven Supplementation.
We use only clinically proven science based supplementation that is designed to support your weight loss efforts. The key to targeting fat loss and losing weight effectively is controlling your blood sugar levels. Maintaining steady blood glucose levels will ensure you can burn energy 24 hours a day thereby boosting your resting metabolic rate (or the rate at which your body burns calories). When used properly effective supplementation can enhance your weight loss efforts.

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