Are you Ready to Change your Life ?

pt67Are You Ready to Change your Life?

While some personal trainers will offer you one  free session our Canton Michigan personal trainers will give  you a personal customized experience to get you optimal results fast! We want to work with the truly committed The ideal student will be  open to change and want to be coached to transform your life.  Let our Canton fitness professionals provide you ispiration and education as we provide you results strength and fitness programs.

Our personal Health and Fitness Audit will identify and analyze  exercise history , muscle imbalances, and nutritional needs.  This Workout audit will allow us to design a comprehensive and progressive fitness program including nutrition and wellness guidelines. The 3 session Jump Start will allow you the opportunity to learn and understand the step by step blueprint our professional personal trainers have customized for  you to achieve success .

Will you be my next Success Story?

I look forward to working with you! 

My Schedule

Canton Michigan                                                                                       Monday Wednesday Friday

Fitt Factory                                                                                                 7246 Haggerty Rd, Canton, Mi

Dearborn Michigan                                                                                   Tuesday and Thursday

Richard A Young Recreation Center                                                     5400 McKinley Dearborn Hts

Contact Evan Raoof  at 734 904 7943