Teacher Appreciation Summer Shape Up


From the desk of: A. Evan Raoof NASM CES

Corepoint Fitness Consulting LC ;Dearborn Mi

Dear Fellow Educator:

I think being a teacher, like being a parent, is perhaps one of the most thankless jobs out there. Would you agree?

I mean teachers and administrative team members at our schools are the ones who ultimately educate our future, right?

Well, I certainly didn’t appreciate that fact when I was in school, but looking back I sure am thankful for some of the teachers and staff that helped me through my youth.  There were some really great people!

Mr. Parr,Mrs. Percy, Mrs. Green, Mr Eaton, Mr. Root & Mr. Alwes and my father was a Professor for 42 years (Still learning from him lol)

many thanks to teachers and administrators in Dearborn mi

.. Decades later I can still remember them.

With summer approaching and the school year coming to an end it got me reminiscing a little.  🙂

You see; I’d really like to do something special for the educators in our community  this summer. Now, I can’t afford to throw a big party or send folks on cruises (I wish I could), but I CAN use my business to give back a little.

My name is Evan Raoof  and I’m a fitness professional in Southeastern Michigan.  I also happen to own Corepoint Fitness Consulting , located inside of the  Snap Fitness center in Dearborn Mi 7 that hosts private and Group Personal Training sessions. Our Group programs offer an awesome amount of education and results. I call it our FitLiving Academy Bootcamp

Our Academy is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and really teaches members how to fit in fitness; something that can be really tough for busy professionals like you.

Anyway, a typical 3-day per week boot camp goes for about $175 – $250 per month, which is an extremely fair price considering all the things that come with membership.

However, for a lot of teachers that can be a big hit on the budget.  After all, teachers are sooooo underpaid!  It really is a damn shame…it just makes no sense when you really think about it.

Rather than get on a rant about how educators are under-appreciated and underpaid, let me get to the SPECIAL OFFER I’d like to make to show my appreciation for what you do.  🙂


The Teachers Appreciation Summer Shape Up Program

With this program you’ll get 1  4-week session of our incredibly popular group fitness program that normally sells for $177 – $247 per month for ONLY $69

Session #1 June 11 th –July 6th

Session#2  July 16th -August 1oth

Classes held at 7:00 am or 9:30 am on Monday, Wednesday

That’s ONLY $69 TOTAL!!  for 1  4  weeks of training for just $69!

Even if you can’t make all the sessions because of planned vacations and family visits you’re still getting an incredible deal.

“WHY?” you might ask.

Because I can, that’s why.

Here is what you get for Teacher’ Appreciation Summer Shape Up Program:

  • Fitness Audit & Body Diagnostic Workout Assessment (private / Group Setting .)
  • 4 weeks  Group Personal Training at 2x per week
  • Accountability to reach your health & Fitness Goals
  • Our Corepoint Fitness Nutrition Guide
  • 1 Nutrition and Vitamin Profile
  • Regular Fitness Assessments to measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement.
  • Additional Fitness Programs at a Discount

Bottom Line:  I appreciate what you do.  I love what I do.  And, I have the ability to give back through my business.  So, why not?

Well, if you’d like to take advantage of this Teachers Appreciation Summer Shape Up Program  email me at evan@detroitfitnesscoach.com

Now, there is one catch…

Space is limited.  I mean, I can only fit so many bodies in the facility (about 35) and there are A LOT of great teachers in our area and over 2000 teachers are receiving this notice.

Please take action right away so you don’t miss out!

I’m so excited for this program and can’t wait to meet you!!

After you register via email to  evan@detroitfitnesscoach.com


A. Evan Raoof  NASM CES



After you register, please share this link with any other dedicated educators you know who would like to get a great deal on a great fitness program.

To take advantage of this Teachers Appreciation Summer Shape Up Program all you have to do is email me here at evan@detroitfitnesscoach.com

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