Do you have a plan?

Watching and listening to the media would lead  you to believe that just getting out and exercising is the key to banishing your belly or just feeling Great !

Designing a fitness action plan needs to take into account your age ,health and your abilities …yes at any age .

Below are the 5 actions you must take to be successful in your program

Define your goals and Commitment

What do you want to achieve or improve ? Do you want to lose fat ,reduce back pain, Improve endurance or just feel better ?  Check your commitment. Ask yourself -Why this is  so important Now! Identify obstacles and challeges to are standing in your way and get support  to meet them head on !

Evaluate where you are right now

This goes hand in hand with your commitment Now to get measurable results you need to document  your Before With a picture and or measurements of your Weight,Body fat and Blood Pressure, cholesteral levels. Measure even how you feel .

Design a complete program  to help you achieve Results

A comprehensiver health and fitness program must have these 6 components to be successful.

  • Nutrition & Diet -The foundation for all health & fitness
  • Supplimentation can fill the voids in your Diet .
  • Resistance Training will help increase lean muscle tissue and boost metabolic rate .
  • Cardiovascular exercise will improve overall health and optimize fat loss.
  • Flexability and Stability will prevent injury , bring your body back into balance and help in recovery of your exercise routine
  • Get Coaching for accountabilty and support

Take Action and impliment the program

You must learn each aspect of the program and commit to the first 30 days ..  Although you will see and feel results  within the first 3-7 days It takes 30 days to make it a habit 90 days to change behavior and 120-180 days to cement the behavior

Assess you progress and update your program

To progress you must evaluate and make changes along the way …Your body will adapt …you must evaluate  your program  for improvement and opportunities for plateau and boredom.  You do not want to get frustated

I like to say Do not Get worked Workout !

A fitness professional or coach can support you by reviewing your progress and making neccesary changes to keep you on the right track

Take your goals and break down smaller goals to help you reach the ultimate objective . The key is to have your goals mirror out comes . When this happens your have optimized your results

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