Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you think I need a personal trainer?

When you are quite new to exercising or when you face difficulties to reach your training goals or when you have arrived at a plateau in your levels of fitness, a personal trainer can help you to take your exercising and fitness to next levels. Personal trainers with their experienced guidance can also be great when you face troubles to stay motivated or to adhere to your fitness programs. Personal trainer can add the essential variety and elements of fun to your fitness training.

Can I directly jump into a personal training and weight loss program since I have not been exercising all these years?

Of course you can. Personal training Canton means catering to your special fitness levels. Moreover, personal training can help you accomplish your fitness goals quicker. You might need a medical clearance from your doctor before you could start up personal training sessions. Our website also lets you schedule a complimentary diagnostic fitness evaluation to get you the best start.

What locations do you serve currently?

We are currently providing our on-site and home personal training coaching in Southeastern Michigan, Canton, Ann, Westland, Arbor, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Dearborn and Livonia. Our exclusive webcam coaching and distance coaching programs can reach you wherever you are to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

What is Personal Trainer Test Drive?

Personal Trainer Test Drive is the most focused program to address your special fitness needs at our Michigan weight loss centre. Under this program, we conduct a comprehensive fitness audit to evaluate your health and physical circumstances like blood pressure, cardio condition and strength to align them with your fitness goal. Then, you will be taken for a body diagnostic workout to determine your endurance profile to recommend you a suitable 30 days training program. At last, a vitamin & nutrition profile is worked out with customized 14 days meal plan. This special program gives us a better understanding of you and your fitness goals to suggest you the most effective professional training programs that are customized according to your special needs and endurance levels.

Does your weight loss program really works?

Our 12 week Find Your Fit program is an exceedingly effective weight loss solution with a very comprehensive approach of living healthy by means of exercising, good eating, behavioral modifications and supplements for weight loss. We imply practiced principles of fitness & nutrition to cater your needs and goals. Additionally, our programs are also focused on health benefits for people who suffer metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.

What can I expect from my personal trainer?

As first and foremost, you can expect RESULTS from our qualified and technically trained personal trainers. A detailed note on client bill of rights can be accessed at our website to know more about what can be expected from a personal trainer.

How much weight can I lose?

We strongly believe in a healthy weight loss rate. Being patient is a good strategy for weight loss as slow speed of weight loss is more sustainable than the rapid ones. We also encourage our clients to measure the overall result in aspects of health and wellness apart from just being focused on pound loss.

Do I need to bring something for the training sessions?

Just come with a positive attitude and wear a comfortable set of clothing and jogging shoes. If you need, you may bring a towel and a water bottle.

How do I get started?

Our Personal Trainer Test Drive is the ideal most programs to start with. You can also start with our group fitness coaching, fit living academy group training, one-one fitness coaching and OTG (on the go) workout programs. Speak with our personal trainer Dearborn or our other local personal trainers to know more about suitable programs.

How often do I need workout with personal trainer?

This will depend on your personal workout needs and fitness goals. Our personal trainer can rightly assess your needs to suggest you perfect program with idyllic frequencies.

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