Find a Gym or Fitness Center that is Right for You

5 Ways to Eliminate Fear and Enjoy your Fitness Center experience !

You have finally decided to get fit and healthy. It is time to join the local gym.
How do you find the perfect place for you? Your Dr said you need to exercise. It seems easy enough join a gym and” I will be fit”. Whoa !! You are making a life style change and new commitment. Let us put together a checklist to help you be successful.

1. Make a commitment & Plan
Ask a few questions of yourself. Why is now important to you to exercise? What is the biggest obstacle keeping you from joining the gym .How are you going to commit. You are serious about this so decide how many days per week are going to be there. Once you do this you are on your way.

2. Location
The International Health & Racquet Association study states that consumers will travel no farther than 15 minutes to get to a Gym. Part of the process is deciding when will you workout? Before or after you go to work, or maybe during your lunch hour. Be mindful you could be spending 5-10 hours a week here, this experience should ve convenient and hassle free . I like to pick 3 that are close to home or to work and then take deeper look at what they have to offer.

3. What amenities do you need?

Part of your plan and commitment should help you determine what activities you like and some important incidentals. Do you like to lift weights , treadmill , bike ,group classes , swim , play racquetball ,or basketball?
If you work a swing shift or like to workout ar mid night you might need a place that is available 24-7.
If you have children you want to take serious look at the child care and the professional staff.
Not all gyms have showers ,you can save a lot of time when you are done with your workout by taking a shower and changing clothes. If you do not need all that then maybe a No Frills Friendly gym is right for you. Remember this gym could be your home away from home.

4. No one Wants a Personal Trainer
I am a little biased here. Most gym members have no idea how to start and keep an exercise program. If you did you probably would have kept your last gym membership. Ask a about the credentials of the staff. The premiere credentials for certification are ACSM, NASM, NSCA.

The gym will give you a complimentary session or 2 with a trainer. This is your way of test driving his experience. This experience should be an education for you and the trainer. You should get a basic understanding of what you need to do to be successful and how a trainer can help . Expect to get an overview of the equipment and basic exercises that are right for you

5. Try before you buy
Most gyms will give you a 7 day pass* to try the club out before you start (If they don’t ask them for one.)
Plan to go at the time you will be committing to . The last thing you want is to sign on the dotted line and realize you can’t get there or you are working out and the place is crowded. Successful clubs should offer month to month agreements and no long term contracts.
When you sign up for the membership you do not want any surprises. Take full advantage of this test drive. Keep on the lookout for friendly members, Service oriented gym staff , Cleanliness and a gut check of how you feel about the club. Enjoy this process it can be fun … You will learn lots about your self .The Gym and fitness staff should have your best interest in mind.

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