$100,000 in Cash Prizes to be Awarded in the TLS® Find Your Fit 2013 Fall Challenge

The other day I posted on Facebook  about the Find your Fit Challenge. We are always looking for ways to step up the game and help our clients get Results fast …that’s why we are excited  about the FYF  Challenge from our weight loss division, TLS® Weight Loss Solution.

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For a little background, TLS Weight Loss Solution sets itself apart by being much more than a “diet plan”—it is a lifestyle approach designed to result in the effortless, lifelong maintenance of your optimal weight and health. For nearly 10 years, TLS has been transforming lives.
Twice a year, TLS sponsors the TLS Find Your Fit Challenge—a 12-week weight loss and body transformation competition that gives people the chance to win cash prizes. This fall, the Challenge is awarding a total of $100,000 in cash prizes with 24 chances to win some kind of $$$$. YES-$100,000!!!!!

If you’ve ever thought about losing weight, getting fit, or just needed a little extra motivation to accomplish those goals, now is the time. Registration is easy, I would be happy to help you register, as well as provide more details about the challenge..

We  will have weekly small group (6) and a select private personal training sessions that go along with the coaching and lecture curriculum that will teach to live healthy and drop fat for the last time .

Learn more and get signed up. I am accepting applications from now until August 29th. I guarantee you can not fail . You will be better and have a true shot at that 100k !!   I just posted a press release and  have many interested and signed up …So send me a private message..—call us or go to here,