Kickstart 2012

Hi  Evan Raoof here….

Hope you all had a Great Holiday and are looking forward to 2012.

I commented on Facebook that 2011 was an unforgetable year and 2012 will be unbelievable ! ..I am working to make it true.

I thought you might like this video message from Tony Robbins. He asks the question “What would you like to change in your life  right now?
No Resolutions talk here. In this video he gives you actions  steps to help you evaluate the rituals you have embraced for years. Do you want to change these rituals ?.. If you are thinking about being healthy ,losing weight or feeling great I want to help .

40% of you are going to join a gym for the first time ..Last week .we had a successfull Fitness planning strategy session where we went through a siimilar process as it relates your Healthy Fit Life.

This will help turn your thoughts into action make a plan ,Listen to this video then register for our Kickstart  a Fit and Healthy You seminar  at the Dearborn Snap Fitness January 16th.
You are going to want to register for this ….I giving away $1000 worth of prizes and personal training .
One of my new rituals is to reach out to you on my blog.

I have another surprise for you tommorrow ..

I know you want this !!

Listen to Tony here

Kick 2012 January 16th Dearborn Michigan

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