Living Social Deal -Questions Answered-Time is Running Out!

Evan Raoof here.
I have received some questions about the deal today,thought I would put up this quick post.

Truthfully my clients think I am insane for giving 3 sessions for just $47 . The fact is I help more people embrace the power of health through exercise.

Karen Jaskolski, Snap Fitness Canton mi

I promise you this .. The Jumpstart 3 part Fitness Metabolism program will be educational ,my hope is to inspire you to understand your body so you can enjoy better health,get the most out of work,play and life.

Fact is this is easy for me and I love it.
You will have to work hard …in the intensities that are right for you. You will  receive home work assignments ….and I will be there for you to get through and understand …You must commit .

I know you need it but do you want it.

A lot of my clients started  wanting the magic bullet ….sorry there is none . As We work together …understanding and feeling the body improving …they become in tune with it …thus making smart decisions.

What clients have said…”Who would have thought….

I don’t have any more back pain”

“I can’t believe I have lost over 100 lbs  ..that was 3 years ago ..I know I will never go there again.”

“The Dr was so surprised my the improvement in my bone density scan.

“I use to feel pain in my knees when I do Squats or Lunges No pain and I feel  strong

” I could walk over 100 miles in Africa and raise over  $70,000 for aides.

”  I get off my blood pressure and cholesterol meds.”

I stopped seeing my therapist ….whose is depressed, I have so much energy and drive”

Templates and pix provided
During our meeting We will discover te right Workout plan for you

Stated earlier  you   will receive a plan for every day you commit to workout   with a regular follow up…Workout sessions …ultimately you achieving results.

The Gym membership is not included .

Is the gym. Right for you ? Are you going to find space at home ?
97% of people who own home Fitness equipment never use it. And what about  the 74% who join a gym quit after 90 days ?

Ahh …of the 26% that do stay focused over a year …90% hired a personal trainer

So where are you ?
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