Meet Evan Raoof

I work closely with clients ultimately providing outstanding service and optimal results to each person. I am looking forward to meeting you. Together we can determine your goals. We will be working as a team, matching you with the best fitness trainer and health professionals that meet your needs. If you are ready, we can help you understand the process to create real change ~ lose body fat ~ run faster ~ play better golf ~ or just get through the day.

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My connection with fitness:
I have a passion for fitness that grew out of necessity, having been born with a form of Cerebral Palsy wearing a brace on my right leg until the age of 17. Given a choice of a wheel chair or to walk, I chose to work hard to limit the effects of this disability. Finding exercise has given me a passion for soccer, running, cycling, and strength training. Taking physical therapy training in college expanded my foundation; also helping to realize I wanted to advance health and wellness. It is through this experience and education I feel I can help you bring out your personal best.

QUOTE: “We are all training for the performance of our lives!”

• NASM Certified Personal Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• GMP Golf Conditioning Specialist
• Sharecare Elite Trainer
• TLS Weight Loss Solution Coach
• NSCA Muscle Activation Technique 1-2
• Resistance Training University 1-2

Our services include :
• One –One Fitness Coaching
• Group Fitness coaching
• Corporate Training
• Lunch & Learn
• Gym Design and Equipment Consulting
• On –Line Coaching –Skype –Google+ Free Conference Call

We service On site Personal Training and Weight Loss Coaching in Wayne, Washetenaw and parts of Oakland County in Michigan.
Specifically Ann Arbor,Belleville,Canton,Dearborn,Livonia,Novi Wayne, Westland Michigan.

On-Line Coaching Live from your Computer or Laptop.

I am committed to help you achieve your goals … Grab your copy of how to find the Right Personal Trainer for you. Go ahead Grab it Here

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