Over-Training Counterproductive, Expert Says

ScienceDaily (2010-01-31) — Challenging yourself in fitness training is good. But overdoing training is counterproductive to realizing your fitness goals, says an expert. Over-training, also called over-exercising, he said, happens when you’re “not allowing your body the opportunity to adjust, adapt and recuperate in response to the training regimen you’re taking part in.”

Some of the signs of over training -Working to hard are

They include:

  • Decrease in performance.
  • Increase in a person’s resting heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Increased muscle fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns and gastro-intestinal disturbances.
  • Depression, irritability, apathy, and low self-esteem.

Fitness center staffers concerned that a client might be over-training should approach the issue tactfully, if they want to direct the client to a healthier approach.

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