5 Healthy Eating tips for Busy People

5busypeopleIt can be quite difficult to stick to a diet of three healthy meals every day if you lead a busy lifestyle. Many times there are those last minute meetings at the workplace to attend to right before your lunch break and when they take longer than expected, they end up eating up most of your lunch hour. And then there are those errands to run that make you lose track of time, or a hectic day that leaves you too exhausted to prepare a proper meal when you get home. As a result, busy people often skip meals or end up eating fast foods and vending machine treats. To avoid bad eating habits and get into a consistent healthy eating schedule, follow these five healthy eating tips for busy people.

1 – Cook Healthy Meals in Bulk

Make it a point to cook a variety of healthy meals to last you an entire week over the weekends or on days when you don’t have to go to work. After that, just refrigerate or freeze these meals and you’ll get to enjoy hot healthy meals at the end of a busy workday without having to do any preparation. Cooking in bulk and refrigerating or freezing food also enables you to heat some food in the morning and then bring nutritiously-sound meals with you to work.

2 – Drink Smoothies When You’re On the Move

Smoothies are excellent drinks for busy people as they take away the temptation of indulging in unhealthy sodas or other sugar filled beverages during the day. Requiring only a few minutes of your time to make, smoothies are easy to carry around and can stay fresh for up to 48 hours when stored in the right container. Therefore, with a smoothie you’ll be able to have a fresh healthy drink at any time of the day, whether it’s in between meetings and running errands, or driving to and from work.

3 – Learn Some Quick Healthy Recipes

The thought of spending hours preparing a nutritious healthy meal while putting up with your grumbling stomach and tired body when you’re hungry is not very appealing. However, once you’ve learned how to prepare a few quick and healthy recipes, you can put together tasty nutrient packed meals in minutes instead of hours. Omelets, salads and stir fry are just some of the many quick and healthy meal options available to you which can be put together in as little as 20 minutes.
4 – Plan Your Grocery Shopping For The Week Ahead

Choosing to eat healthy is a decision that requires you to plan ahead. By making a list of all the ingredients you need for the coming week when you do your grocery shopping, you’ll be able to eat healthy foods throughout the week and also save time and money as you’ll know exactly what you want when you enter the grocery store. 
5 – Stock Up On ‘No Cook’ Healthy Foods

People who are always in a rush and therefore don’t have time to prepare meals can greatly benefit from stocking up on ‘no cook’ foods such as canned beans, canned tuna, fresh fruits, Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds. With zero preparation time, healthy ‘no cook’ foods provide you with an instant meal or snack that you can grab whenever you’re hungry and pressed for time.


If time always seems to get the better of you when you’re trying to stick to your healthy eating goals, start implementing these five tips today. You’ll be amazed at how much easier and simpler healthy eating becomes and start to enjoy it much more as a result.

5 Tips For Building A Fitness Budget

Do you want to exercise but cannot seem to find the money to buy home gym equipment or pay for a gym membership? Well, you’re not alone because this is a problem faced by many people. However, not having enough money to get as healthy as you want doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your fitness goals. You can raise money each month for fitness equipment, gym fees or any other expenses that will be incurred by simply cutting down on other unnecessary expenses. To help you with this I have  put together five top tips for building a fitness budget.

In shape & money

1 – Check Your Subscriptions

Whether it’s out of forgetfulness or the unwillingness to change things, many of us are guilty of wasting money paying for subscription services that we don’t even use. Although these subscriptions only take up a small fraction of the household’s expenses, the accumulation of subscription fees can translate to a significant amount of money each month. Therefore, take some time to check and cancel off any of these unnecessary services and use the money you save to add to your fitness budget each month.

2 – Learn To Cook

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing a busy work schedule with family and social life leaves very little time left for preparing home cooked meals. For this reason, more and more people are turning to unhealthy but convenient processed foods. However, this habit of buying convenience foods may save on time but it costs you in term of money and health. By giving up convenience foods and tuning to home cooked meals, you can improve your health and save lots of money for fitness expenses at the same time. If you learn the right recipes, you’ll also find that it’s possible to cook tasty and healthy meals in as little as 20 minutes which allows you to still enjoy the convenience factor without compromising your health or wasting money.

3 – Give Up An Unhealthy Habit

Everyone has an unhealthy habit that drains away at his or her pockets. This could be smoking, drinking one too many alcoholic drinks daily, eating lots of fried foods and snacks or gulping down soda. The cost of supporting these habits may seem small on a daily basis but when you add it up for the entire month, it becomes quite significant. By quitting at least one of these unhealthy habits, you will not only boost your health but will also save money that you can add to your fitness budget.

4 – Make a Shopping List

Making a shopping list should be the very first thing you do before heading to the grocery stores. Without a shopping list, you’ll end up spending more money than necessary because grocery stores are designed to make us overspend. However, with a shopping list in hand, you’ll be able to shop wisely by only buying what you need and save lots of money which you can put into your fitness budget.

5 – Review Your Exact Spending For A Month

One great way of finding ways to save a few extra dollars each month is by conducting a review of your exact monthly spending. The review will help you identify any unnecessary spending that you can cut out and put towards your fitness budget instead.


If you’re having trouble finding money to invest in your fitness, you can use these five effective tips to find some extra cash right away. So start putting them into action today and build your fitness budget.

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