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How to Change Things When Change is Hard


For anything to change, someone has to start acting differently.  Can you get people to start behaving in a new way?  Even though you may think that people resist change we do embrace a lot of big changes in our lives.

There are hard changes and easy changes.  Switch argues that successful changes share a common pattern.

Three part framework in this book that will guide you in any situation where you need to change behavior:

  1. Direct the Rider.  What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.  So provide crystal-clear direction.
  2. Motivate the Elephant.  What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.  The Rider can’t get his way by force for very long.  So it’s critical you engage people’s emotional side – get their Elephants on the path and cooperative.
  3. Shape the Path.  What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem.  When you shape the Path, you make change more likely, no matter what’s happening with the Rider and Elephant.

Direct the Rider

Follow the Bright Spots.  Investigate what’s working and clone it.  Our Rider has a problem focus when he needs to have a solution focus. 

Solution-based therapy focuses on the solution to the problem at hand.

 Even in failure there is success.

 Script the Critical Moves.  Don’t think big picture, think in terms of specific behaviors.

 Decision paralysis, more options, even good ones, can freeze us and make us retreat to the default plan.  The more choices the Rider is offered, the more exhausted the Rider gets.

 Clarity dissolves resistance.

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