Soccer reduces risk of falls and bone fractures, study finds

Its that time of Year lets get out and Play
This study showed playing soccer is better than running
ScienceDaily (2010-04-09) — An extensive research project has studied the effects of soccer on muscle strength, postural balance, bone mineral density and reflex response among adult women and men. Five new scientific articles show that regular participation in soccer increases bone mass and bone density, causes a significant improvement in standing postural balance and improves muscle strength. Together, these effects reduce the risk of falls and bone fractures.
70-year-old men as fit as 30-year-olds

The research group has also examined muscle function and postural balance in a group of 65-75 year old men who have played recreational soccer most of their lives and compared the values with a group of men at the same age without specific training and a group of 30-year-old untrained men

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