Personal Trainer Test Drive


We want to make sure  you find the right program  for fast and safe results.Our Personal Trainer Test drive will give us the opportunity to learn more  about you.

The Personal Trainer Test Drive  will include the following :

  • Fitness Audit We will assess your exercise habits, evaluate your health history and align this with your goals, set, baseline measurements.Testing Blood Pressure, body fat your strength, flexibility and cardio condition.
  •  Body Diagnostic Workout We utilize information from your Fitness Audit with our signature movement evaluation. We put you through a workout that will identify muscle imbalances, determine a strength profile and endurance profile and recommend corrective exercise and the best program for you to get results Fast we will understand what are the best exercises and the best programs for you to achieve your goals and recommend a 30 day fitness action plan.
  • Vitamin & Nutrition Profile This is a comprehensive profile that will be in depth and will give you recommendations customized for your health needs 14 day meal plan, We include a Nutri-physical recommended vitamin and nutrition profile.

During the 3 sessions with a qualified Personal Trainer we  will can determine an exercise program and review the exercises and coach you .

This Personal Trainer Test  program is guaranteed to give a quick understanding of the following:

What you need to do for yourself to get  fast and safe results.Professionally customized program that will  address your needs



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