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What are grateful to the feedback we get from clients- We are committed the success of each person we expect to touch move and inspire for to see they can achieve the body they deserve .

What they are saying on

“Evan is a great trainer. I needed to enhance my workout with new exercises and better my form and he was the man for it. The guy gave me great nutrition tips and helped me out as much as he could. I was impressed with the knowledge he knew and that he didn’t just treat me like a client but he treated me like a family member. I would recommend him to anyone in need of fitness help. Joey H. Dearborn Michigan

“Evan is a outstanding personal trainer he taught me so many things and taught me so much about how to pay attention to what muscles I was working and how lowering your weight or increasing your weight would emphasize on the muscle that you were trying to work out because so many times I was using higher weight and was not feeling the muscle that I was supposed to be using toward and still to this day I have taken that knowledge and have put it toward my workout still to this day I had great results with him and I recommend him to any and every one thank you so much Evan you’re awesome”    Jennifer M. –Dearborn Michigan

Evan is an AMAZING Fitness Trainer. My case was a little bit unusual but here’s how it went: I arrived for our first meeting with a body racked with stiffness and pain from a long term illness. The hip and spine issues made it difficult to move my body even for a simple sitting position. By the end of week one I was doing small moves in equally small sets. By the end of 8 weeks I was doing planks, lunges, dying bugs and weight bearing exercises by the full set.  Evan is patient and persistent in working within your bounds but is willing to push you so that you do not get too comfortable. I’d highly recommend his services not only to give your body more flexibility and physical strength but also to help you learn at what level to push your limits and to appreciate that deep down improvement in your core health, which I suspect you’ll experience soon after you begin your training. My best to the reader and, to Evan, thank you for the way you changed my life. Dawn D. Dearborn Michigan

  “I have been doing strength training with Evan for 7 years now. We meet twice a week at a gym where he leads and instructs me in exercising. If you are looking for some professional training that is interesting and fun, then he is the one for you! Karen J –Canton Michigan


What they are saying on Evan is great both personally and professionally. He helped me get moving again after an injury. He is sensitive and customer-focused and even more gets results! I am not into pain but I do enjoy gain and he helped give me back my normal life. I highly recommend him. Lucendia Haliday PMP –Belleville Michigan

Evan is a hard worker with amazing organizational skills. His attention to detail with clients is superb, which always results in an excellent client experience. Evan is a pleasure to work with professionally and an exceptional role model to colleagues and clients Sara Samanski –Canton Michigan  –Lifetime Fitness

Evan met with my son, a teenager at the time, to help him get into better shape. Evan was quick to gain respect, inspire and provide a realistic fitness plan. Gail Niocklowitz, Trusted Graphic Designer -Ann Arbor Michigan

 I had the opportunity to work with Evan at the Lifetime Fitness in Canton. I appreciated his dedication to his craft and how comfortable he made his new clients feel with their endeavour of working out.  Lee Bird – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan–Canton Michigan

Evan’s passion for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through physical fitness is impressive. If you are seeking a fitness coach, check out Evan! You will be pleasantly surprised with Evan’s dedication to your fitness needs. Sharon Lagina-CEO Lagina Marketing –Dearborn Michigan

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