The Power of Gratitude and why Thanks giving truly matters

Hi Evan Raoof here  i want   to take this time to say Thank you to all  readers of my blog/newsletter and social media friends and connections

This is the time of year that we take to  publicly give thanks  on the account of Thanksgiving .

I  guess as we get older we start appreciating  what we have right now.

Over this past year  I have really  looked to understand the power of gratitude

I am so grateful for my children for they truly put a smile on my face. They remind me every day…How you should be, How you treat others with respect, communicate your word ..Allows you to see the world through a child’s eyes gives me the eyes of wonder that anything is possible finding my strength wanting to live with a smile grateful for family and grateful to my connections  with you.

I just received this awesome email from Mind Valley

do you know that the practice of “giving thanks” embeds a lot of meaning to your life?

And do you know that practicing gratitude is so absolutely simple that all it takes to start is with a little smile on your face?

Notice  they wrote simple   sure  yet  being mindful each day allows you to work toward easy .

This is the info graphic  that I thought  was awesome.    i put it on my blog here because I love it . You should click here   Mind valley is hosting a generous  Thanks giving give away.

They have some awesome programs I personally have found success with just one ,Silva Life System. It is a powerful  education of  the mind and truly more than active meditation.

They’re giving away 3 free passes to 10 of their most very best personal growth courses…  Start with the infographic here 

All you have to do is:

1. Tell us what you’re grateful for this year
2. Share the infographic with your friends

And on Thursday, Thanksgiving day, you may
well be one of the lucky winners. :-

I wish all of you a fantastic Thanksgiving 🙂