The Secret is out Tell your Friends

Hey Evan Raoof  here

Well it really is not a secret   but this caught your attention!. It is official I want to announce a new partnership of sorts.

I have joined forces with the Fitt Factory in Canton, Michigan. This private personal training gym is owned by 2 great trainers  I respect because of the professionalism and knowledge the two share and  bring to their clients.

Canton Personal Trainer,Weight Loss,Strength coaching
In Canton Michigan We are training our personal training clients at Fitt Factory

I worked with Steve Simmons and Clay Brandenberg  at Life Time Fitness in Canton Mi  3 years ago . Now we are back in Canton It will be exciting to feed off the energy and  learn from each other . I think you will find  the client  experience will be focused and  results driven, as always. Everyone who sets foot in the facility is there to get long lasting results.

Unlike  The RAY  Recreation Center and Snap Fitness no membership required.

A Personal Trainer Test Drive 

I am excited to reconnect with previous clients and more people  in the Canton area.

I want to give as many people an opportunity to experience this great facility and get you started on  the road to transforming your body .. For new clients and reconnect with previous clients  I will be offering  1 week of Personal Training (3 sessions ) for  $67 (Canton and Dearborn )

While other personal trainers may offer a Free Session   we will   give you an experience customized   for you to get optimal results fast .

Are you Ready to Change your Life?

We want to work with the truly committed  Ready for change …we will dial into any muscle imbalances you have and analyze your nutrition and develop a customized work out  and nutrition plan.  This comprehensive 3 sessions will allow us to really to understand your needs and show you a  step by step blueprint   for you to achieve success to get the body you want or train for that big event .

Watch for up coming seminars  the next few weeks

Will you be my next Success Story?

This a great value for those of you who wonder what is like to work with a personal trainer or Weight loss coach.
This a great value for those of you who wonder what is like to work with a personal trainer or Weight loss coach.

My Schedule

Fitt Factory in Canton

Monday  Wednesday and Friday 

Richard A Young Recreation center –Dearborn Hts

Tuesday and Thursday