The Word that Defines your Success

Evan Raoof here

I posted a question on Facebook today “What is the one word that defines you ?”

It came to me after thinking of the success many of my clients have had over the last year.

We all start with some kind of internal motivation that drives us,but the flame usually dies quickly because we want that immediate gratification.

The voice in your head says why bother you have tried to commit  to a healthy lifestyle , lose fat and feel great why try again.

The word that defines those who set a goal of losing weight or creating a healthy habit is

Commitment :a pledge or promise; obligation:

You see when we set a plan some say they were committed– were they really?

They want to be ready but some times well sometimes we don’t really understand what it takes to reach a goal .

  • Set a plan of action
  • learn and understand the plan
  • practice makes perfect

It is simple to make the change that doesnt mean  easy .

When we set a plan  you have to enjoy the learning process

They are learning how their  body works with exercise and proper diet .

They learn by practice

The result( the short list)

  • 80 pounds  lost in 2011
  • 40 pounds lost in 25 weeks and still off
  • 12 lbs lost in 20 days
  • 9lbs lost in 13 days
  • Feeling no knee pain
  • running  my first 5 k and winning my age category
  • After car accident  No Energy and working less than 3 hours as day  now i am working full time !!
  • Have more energy and feel like I am 30 ( Age withheld )

Everyone pledged to get results …They are still learning they are still  doing  it….  they continue getting  results.

They show up every day to do the workouts. They watch their food intake and eat healthy .

They are the leaders I am the guide …I am in awe of there dedication and commitment .

The New Year starts when you are ready

If you are ready today.

Kickoff party for our 8 week Shape Transformation contest starts soon .If it is time for you to put your Comitment face on ..I pledge to you that I will help you get results

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