Why Go Gluten Free?

There is a lot of talk about Gluten and Gluten Free ..
I have said it is the most overused or misunderstood phrase “Gluten Free”
Jimmy Kimmel always can put a keen perspective on a topic when he is out and about interviewing people on the Street

The only thing wrong with moving to a gluten-free diet is that you will end up paying more money for much less nutrition, and create a higher probability of weight gain. Hey, other than that you might as well go with the latest food fad. Now of course if you are truly gluten intolerant/sensitive (e.g. celiac disease sufferers) you must eat gluten-free, but keep in mind only 1% of US population is truly gluten intolerant/sensitive (GS) (up to 6% may be gluten-sensitive). Therefore others who claim it either think they are based on spending too much time on the Internet or listening to friends, or they’re just dead wrong.

Some quick facts on gluten:

Gluten is a protein found in wheat that can cause mild to severe stomach distress and autoimmune disorders in people unable to process it properly such as people with celiac disease. As mentioned above, GS only affects ~6% of the population and requires a true gluten challenge to the patient’s digestive system, delivered by a qualified physician to properly diagnose, so these people do know who they are
Gluten is contained in many healthy foods like whole grains including wheat. The consumption of whole wheat/grain products is associated with a significant reduction in chronic disease and improves the feeling of fullness (satiety)
Gluten-free diets can cause undernourishment and weight gain
Most gluten-free foods contain fewer vitamins and less fiber than gluten-containing counter parts; both are important to long-term health and weight control
Many gluten-free products have added fat, sugar and salt to help replace lost taste and texture normally supplied by gluten
It’s not uncommon to gain 20lbs in the first year after switching to a gluten-free diet or certainly have more difficulty in controlling appetite

My take
just plan to eat more Vegetables, fruit and lean protein
cut down on the breads and pastas …Exercise
A little Gluten may not be so bad if you are doing other good stuff..
If you are still having a problem ,,,, than it is important to get properly Tested

credit to www.webmd.com www.dotfit.com