Which Exercise is Right for You? Find Out Now!

Choosing right exercise is the key to keep you skinnier, healthier and stronger! Regular exercise and changing the way you perform help you beat boredom, laziness and speed up fat loss. To maintain your body weight, there is no more need to walk by treadmills. Instead you can do few beneficial DIY exercise workouts for your body that doesn’t require a gymnasium. It’s damn sure that these workouts can do marvels for your wellness.

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining your weight under control, improve your mobility, strengthen your bones, and even ward off memory loss. Read below to find out which exercise is best for you.

Aerobic Exercise: (For Ages 14-25): Aerobic exercises can increase your breathing, heart beat rate which in turn increases blood circulation and improve overall fitness. Doing this workouts regularly will delay or prevent many diseases such as diabetes and heart attack. Some of the aerobic exercises are,

  • 1. Brisk walking or jogging
  • 2. Yard work (mowing, raking, digging)
  • 3. Dancing
  • 4. Swimming
  • 5. Biking
  • 6. Climbing stairs or hills
  • 7. Playing tennis
  • 8. Playing basketball

Resistance Workouts: (For Ages 25-50): Resistance workouts make your muscle stronger and keep you active all the time. This exercise makes big difference in your ability to stay active and gives vigorous energy to carry out daily activities like climbing stairs, carrying groceries, cycling and more! Some examples for resistance exercises are:

  • 1. Lifting Weights
  • 2. Resistance Band

Balance Exercises: (For Ages 50-70): Doing balance exercises regularly can improve your balance and help you prevent from falls and slips. Steps to do simple balance exercise:

  • 1. Stand on one foot and balance your body
  • 2. Walk in a heel-toe manner
  • 3. Stand in front of a table or chair, keeping a distance of 12 to 18 inches, with feet slightly apart.

Regular exercise will help you stay healthy and active! If you’re aiming to lose substantial sum of weight or looking to stay strong, start off with the effective personal fitness training program in Canton. For more, click Corepointfitness.com